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Madison High School / Prep Distance Learning Sites

Edgenuity is up and running! 

Courses supported by this virtual, self-paced learning platform are all fully customized. Email or Remind message your teacher to obtain your username for log-in.

Edgenuity Log-In link: https://auth.edgenuity.com/Login/Login/Student

EDP’s are ready to work on!

Visit Mrs. Helchowski’s ‘Counselor’s Corner’ page for weekly grade-level assignments. [Educational Development Plans (EDP) fulfill your yearly state requirements for educational and career goals]

OSTC-SE Update

OSTC-SE School Closure - COVID-19

Social Worker Resources:

Girson: https://girsonsswmadison.weebly.com/

Teacher Websites:

Benson: https://mskbensonmath411.weebly.com/

Bezy: http://bezymath.weebly.com/

Broomfield: broomfield101.weebly.com

Corbett: https://mrscorbettmadisonhighschool.weebly.com/

Current: https://currentonlineclassroom.weebly.com/

Davis: fraudavislanguagelearning.weebly.com

Doemer: http://madison-geometry.weebly.com/

Domsic: https://domsicmhs.weebly.com/

Emery: emeryonlineclassroommhs.weebly.com

Eplin: eplinclassroom.weebly.com

Helchowski: http://helchowskiscorner.weebly.com/

Hermiz: hermizontheweb.weebly.com

Hinkle: mhinkle.weebly.com

Kaljaj: kaljajonlineclassroom.weebly.com

Mason: masonmhs.weebly.com

Mitchell: mitchellonlineclassroommhs.weebly.com

Murawski: murawskionlineclass.weebly.com

Patterson: https://kpattersonmdps.weebly.com

Pethoud: https://madisonbandprogram.weebly.com

Randolf: msrandolfsclass.weebly.com

Sayajon: https://ivanna101.weebly.com/

Sledzinski: https://gsledzinski.weebly.com

Stoecker: https://madisonartclass.weebly.com

Vielot: https://missvielot.weebly.com/

What's New at MHS?

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Madison Introduces Online Enrollment
Madison District Public Schools is proud to begin offering online enrollment for prospective families who are interested in attending our various schools.
Read More about Madison Introduces Online Enrollment
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Check Athletic Website for Sports Schedules
MDPS is proud to have an athletic website designed to better communicate all of the exciting news within our middle school and high school athletic programs.
Read More about Check Athletic Website for Sports Schedules


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Dean of Students

Stacey Cauley
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